Avoid Waiting For Downloads with Skipscreen

If you download a lot of stuff from services such as MultiUpload or RapidShare and you don’t have a premium account you may be all too familiar with having to wait up to several minutes before the site will let you download your file. I experience this all too often as I am keeping an eye on various third party ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S which I like to try (particularly Darky’s ROM).

Sometimes, we don’t have time, patience or attention span to spare so there is an add-on for Firefox that can make the process easier and sometimes quicker for you.

In a nutshell, Skipscreen aims to get around the clicking and waiting typically required for free users on the big name file distribution sites. Depending on what the various sites have put in place in terms of countermeasures you can expect to either wait the necessary amount of time until the link becomes available after which Skipscreen will open the download prompt for you or bring up the prompt straight away if it has been able to find a way around waiting.

Of course, there will come times when sites change to stop this sort of activity so you can probably expect a bit of “cat and mouse” as a result of using this add-on. As a result, don’t be surprised if Skipscreen can’t do its thing one day but you can be sure that Skipscreen will work out a way to get things working agin.

Also, there is a beta version of Skipscreen being tested for Chrome if that is your preferred browser.


    • TheAtomicCrusher on February 9, 2011 at 12:25
    • Reply

    JDownloader is more useful. Albeit, it’s a separate application and it uses Java, but still. Very handy to queue lots of dl’s. 😉


    1. Nice suggestion and I agree with your point about being a Java app (which is a turn off for some people).

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