Adjust Text Brightness on Android with Screen Filter

A tip for the Android users out there.

Have you ever woken up during the night and needed to check your phone only to find your eyes burnt by the brightness of the screen even on the minimum or automatic brightness setting? It’s definitely not a pleasant experience but there is something you can do to further tone down the brightness of the screen.

There is a great app called “Screen Filter” which, as the name might suggest, act as an artificial filter for your screen to lessen the brightness of the screen. It comes included in a number of customised ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S such as Darky’s ROM which I highly recommend. You can adjust the  brightness from anywhere between 1% and 100% of the current brightness courtesy of  a slider after which you simply touch the “Enable Screen Filter” button. You can always disable the filter by opening it up again and hitting the back button on your phone.

One positive side effect of using this app is that it also improves battery life as you are using less power when the screen is on. This may be handy for those of you who need to squeeze every last drop out of your battery everyday.

Screen Filter is free from the Android Market.

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