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Nyko Power Grip Recharging Problems

A while ago I noticed a comment on my YouTube channel about problems regarding issues experienced with the Nyko Power Grip for the Nintendo 3DS. I’ve been evaluating this over the last couple of months and while I haven’t noticed  much in the way of degradation of the battery I did run into an odd …

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How to Delete Nintendo 3DS Demos and Trailers

Here’s a quick tip for today.. A growing number of people own smartphones these days and generally understand how to uninstall an app by holding your finger down on the app icon and tapping the delete button or dragging it to the delete option. Therefore, you could be forgiven for confusion around how to delete game …

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Nyko Power Grip Unboxing and Preview

As promised, I am posting the unboxing video of the Nyko Power Grip which is an extended battery of sorts for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s not like regular extended batteries which end up replacing the internal battery inside the device but rather it complements the existing internal battery. Installation is literally a snap by angling …

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Incoming Gadget – Nyko Power Grip

Just a quick note for tonight. Continuing on with the steady trickle of gadgets I’ve been receiving lately, I have a Nyko Power Grip on its way. In a nutshell, this is a pseudo-extended battery of sorts (I’ll explain why in the unboxing video). The battery life has been bugging me a little on the …

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Mario Kart 7 Strategic Tip

As I build up others I’ll add them to this entry. One of the more useful (or annoying) items you can collect on the track in Mario Kart 7 is the “spiny shell” (or the “blue shell” as some people might call it). It’s great when you are further back in the pack but a …

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Capcom Cripples Save Game Management on Nintendo 3DS

Here’s something that might be of interest to guys of second hand games or people who like to get rid of their used games. Capcom, well known for its Street Fighter games, has not provided the ability to delete the save games from its latest release, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. Whilst most public speculation about this …

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Nintendo 3DS Update Woes

Nintendo 3DS - Successful System Update

A few days ago, a new update for the Nintendo 3DS was released that incldued some new features including the Nintendo eShop and an internet browser as well as the opportunity to download a couple of free games including a 3D version of the original NES Excitebike. So, I dutifully kicked off the update process: …

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YouTube Selectively Removing Video Length Restrictions

YouTube - Video File Upload Message

Last week when I was uploading the unboxing video for the Nintendo 3DS to YouTube I noticed the following message up the top of my browser window: “Congratulations! Your account is now enabled for uploads longer than 15 minutes. Click the Upload button below to select a video.” In the past, I have run up …

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Nintendo 3DS Unboxing

For those of you following the blog you would have read about my first impressions of the Nintendo 3DS and my decision to purchase an Australian model given the news of region locking for this handheld console. Well, launch day has arrived and I have gotten my hands on one of these devices for myself …

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Nintendo 3DS: First Impressions (Japanese Model)

Promotional video for the 3DS

Last Thursday, I traveled to Osaka in Japan with my wife to go on a brief holiday and I planned to do a few things including getting a ride on a bullet train and checking out the Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately, due to the earthquakes and ongoing aftershocks, I wasn’t too keen on trying the bullet train especially …

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