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Nintendo DS and 3DS Game Case Solution

I am slowing amassing a stockpile of Nintendo 3DS games and I didn’t fancy having to carry around the containers for each separate game as they just end up taking up more space in my backpack. I was also wary of just chucking the cartridges in my backpack to float around and potentially fall out …

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Boydo Repairs His Nintendo DS – Final Outcome

Last night, I dropped a quick note to say that I was repairing my Nintendo DS after the hinge broke. Tonight, I thought I’d share my repair experience with you. Unfortunately, when the hinge breaks on a Nintendo DS you pretty much have to disassemble the whole thing. I thought I’d get a a new …

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Boydo Repairs His Nintendo DS

Just a brief update tonight. Tonight, I started my attempt to replace the case on the my old Nintendo DS after the hinge broke. I thought I’d have a go to see how easy or hard it might be. I’ve gotten a fair way along so far but will have to park it for this …

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Mario Kart 7 – First Impressions

Yesterday, Mario Kart 7 was released for the Nintendo 3DS but I could only get around to buying it earlier today. For those who don’t know, Mario Kart has been one of the main titles for Nintendo consoles since the Super NES was released (one each for the SNES, N64, GameBoy Advance, Gamecube, Wii, Nintendo …

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Nintendo 3DS: First Impressions (Japanese Model)

Promotional video for the 3DS

Last Thursday, I┬átraveled┬áto Osaka in Japan with my wife to go on a brief holiday and I planned to do a few things including getting a ride on a bullet train and checking out the Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately, due to the earthquakes and ongoing aftershocks, I wasn’t too keen on trying the bullet train especially …

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