Nintendo 3DS Unboxing

For those of you following the blog you would have read about my first impressions of the Nintendo 3DS and my decision to purchase an Australian model given the news of region locking for this handheld console. Well, launch day has arrived and I have gotten my hands on one of these devices for myself – the “cosmic black” model to be precise.

As is the tradition around here, I have made an unboxing video to give you a look at the device itself as well as the various contents of the box. If you are after a closer look at the Nintendo 3DS itself I will be releasing a preview video that will cover that off as well as some of the notable features (which I will try to show in 2D mode on YouTube). The video is available in high definition for those of you who would like to watch in the best possible resolution.

There were several booklets in the box including a quick start guide and an operating instructions manual plus some AR (Augmented Reality) cards and a small Nintendo club booklet. All of these are in colour compared to a lot of other devices that have their manuals printed in black and white – perhaps not a big deal but something easy for the eyes.

In the meantime, I am charging up the 3DS before I give it a go but please enjoy the video and I will work on the preview video as soon as I can!

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  1. And ReGadget will shortly be able to purchase your old DS 🙂

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