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Nintendo DS and 3DS Game Case Solution

I am slowing amassing a stockpile of Nintendo 3DS games and I didn’t fancy having to carry around the containers for each separate game as they just end up taking up more space in my backpack. I was also wary of just chucking the cartridges in my backpack to float around and potentially fall out …

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Boydo Repairs His Nintendo DS – Final Outcome

Last night, I dropped a quick note to say that I was repairing my Nintendo DS after the hinge broke. Tonight, I thought I’d share my repair experience with you. Unfortunately, when the hinge breaks on a Nintendo DS you pretty much have to disassemble the whole thing. I thought I’d get a a new …

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Boydo Repairs His Nintendo DS

Just a brief update tonight. Tonight, I started my attempt to replace the case on the my old Nintendo DS after the hinge broke. I thought I’d have a go to see how easy or hard it might be. I’ve gotten a fair way along so far but will have to park it for this …

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Incoming Gadget: Nintendo 3DS

Recently, I posted a first impression of the Nintendo 3DS after having had a play with it during my trip to Japan with my wife just under a week ago. I was lucky enough to get out to Yodobashi Camera (???????) in Osaka on the morning of Friday 11/03/2011 before the 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck in …

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Nintendo 3DS: First Impressions (Japanese Model)

Promotional video for the 3DS

Last Thursday, I traveled to Osaka in Japan with my wife to go on a brief holiday and I planned to do a few things including getting a ride on a bullet train and checking out the Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately, due to the earthquakes and ongoing aftershocks, I wasn’t too keen on trying the bullet train especially …

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