Nyko Power Grip Unboxing and Preview

As promised, I am posting the unboxing video of the Nyko Power Grip which is an extended battery of sorts for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s not like regular extended batteries which end up replacing the internal battery inside the device but rather it complements the existing internal battery.

Installation is literally a snap by angling in the front of the 3DS into the front lip of the Nyko Power Grip and then pushing the rear of the device down into the extended battery housing. There is also a little LED on the Nyko Power Grip which will tell you what is going on, specifically:

  • nearly empty – sold red while not connected to power,
  • charging – solid red while connected to power,
  • fully charged – solid green while connected to power.
There are also holes in the extended battery housing that allow you to see the two LEDs on the 3DS indicating its charging state and power status along with gaps for the stereo headphone socket and microphone. In my initial testing with Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training, the microphone still seems to work fine for the most part. I did have a couple of instances where words weren’t properly recognised in the stroop test (that’s the one where you are shown an adjectival noun such as “blue” or “black” but you have to call out the text colour, so:
  • yellow would be “red”,
  • black would be “blue”,
  • red would be “black”
  • blue would be “yellow”.
Anyway, here’s the video of the unboxing and preview:

FYI – the video will be available in up to 1080p (YouTube can take a little while to process the higher resolutions) if you right click on the video and choose “Watch on YouTube” and change the resolution setting.

Stay tuned for the review video!

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