Capcom Cripples Save Game Management on Nintendo 3DS

Here’s something that might be of interest to guys of second hand games or people who like to get rid of their used games.

Capcom, well known for its Street Fighter games, has not provided the ability to delete the save games from its latest release, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. Whilst most public speculation about this decision seems to centre around Capcom attempting to put a dent in the second hand market (from which Capcom doesn’t see a cent) and force people to by brand new copies of the game if they want to start the game from scratch.

Capcom has yet to provide any sort of direct or concrete reasons as to why they have made such a move but did cite that the second hand games market was not a consideration.

However, what isn’t clear is where the save game information is stored. If the save games are stored on the SD card in the 3DS it’d be fairly trivial to wipe it or replace it with a fresh one. However, I think Capcom would have already anticipated this by stashing the save data either on the game cartridge itself or  in the internal memory of the 3DS.

It remains to be seen if annoyed gamers can create some sort of change on the part of Capcom through the various social media channels but it does look like Capcom is on the back foot already over this issue.

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