Latest Facebook Beta for Windows Phone

If you’ve not yet checked out the latest beta of the Facebook app for Windows Phone then you might want to look now.

In the latest update, the Facebook Beta app sees almost instant notifications and private messaging which is a welcome change from the rather slow, sporadic or simply broken notifications functionality in prior versions. This puts the app pretty much on par with apps for iOS and Android aside from the absence of a central notification centre in Windows Phone (we can still hope for one but that is a problem for the operating system).

Of course, the toast notifications are only good for five to ten seconds before they disappear so to make updates a little more pervasive the primary live tile has been updated to show the most recent update, who the update was from and the number of total updates waiting for you to review.

Facebook Beta live tile on Windows Phone

Facebook Beta live tile on Windows Phone

Performance is also snappier compared to prior versions although it still seems a little bit behind the pace compared to its iOS and Android counterparts. However, it is good to see that progress is being made on Windows Phone despite of its relatively low popularity in the smartphone market at this stage,

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