Apple iPhone 6 Plus Unboxing

Over the last couple of years it could be argued that Apple had been “overshadowed” by the advent of larger smartphones and phablets particularly in the Android ecosystem and, to a lesser extent, the Windows Phone ecosystem. However, this year Apple has responded by bumping the screen sizes of its iPhone 6 to 4.7″ and the iPhone 6 Plus to a generous 5.5″.

Personally, I am a fan of larger phones – my daily driver is the Nokia Lumia 1520 with its 6″ screen and I had also toyed with the idea of going Android with the Sony Xperia Z 2 Ultra with a pocket-busting 6.4″ screen.

Anyway, my wife had been a bit indecisive about which iPhone 6 model to choose (let alone choosing to upgrade from the iPhone 5S) but ultimately I ended up getting her a 128GB iPhone 6 Plus in silver (64GB have been as rare as rocking horse droppings and 16GB is just too small). I think Apple has been very smart in making the available storage capacities rather sparse in an effort to extract more cash from consumers.

Anyway, a new device means an unboxing video!

My wife is in the process of transferring her stuff from her iPhone 5S to the iPhone 6 Plus so I will let you know how things go and her thoughts on the device particularly under daily usage.

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