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The Suitability of Speech Recognition

I got thinking about speech recognition and how it has developed over the years. My first experience with speech recognition was when my dad bought IBM ViaVoice back in the 90s for our computer (a Pentium 120MHz with 16MB RAM). The software needed a good amount of training to improve its “out of the box” …

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Why Voice is a Peril for Google

Since the iPhone 4S came out Siri, the enhanced voice control functionality found only on the iPhone 4S (for the time being), has become a a focal point for the state of the art of speech recognition. With smartphones packing quite a punch in terms of CPU power and access to the cloud becoming ubiquitous …

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Where’s the Speech Recognition?

About fifteen years ago, my dad purchased the first PC to grace the family home. It was pretty good for its time as it sported a Pentium 120MHz CPU, 16MB RAM and a massive 1GB hard drive. It also came with a pretty hefty price tag. Shortly after we purchased the computer, we saw a …

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