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Working out IPv6 Tunnels on the Billion 7800DXL

Just a short update. Trying to work out how to get an IPv6 tunnel up and running on the new Billion 7800DXL router modem. I did try signing up for a tunnel with SixXS but apparently the address I provided was invalid and I have to wait a week for a response. I’ll see how …

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Billion BiPAC 7800DXL Router Modem Unboxing

Leading on my article from yesterday I had to replace my old Dynalink RTA1025W ADSL2+ router modem given that it no longer worked. Even after having the line speed reduced on the DSLAM did nothing so out I went and fetched the Billion BiPAC 7800DXL router modem. Unboxing video is below: This router modem has …

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Rationalising Network Hardware

Well, as luck would have it on a day when I am working from home the ADSL router modem bites the dust but fortunately I had a couple of 3G connections as backup. The trusty old Dynalink RTA1025Wjust couldn’t manage to sync up to the exchange anymore and would have pushed at least a couple …

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