International Data Roaming on the Cheap with Prepaid Abroad

In a week my wife will be going on a trip to Denmark and of course she will be taking her iPhone and iPad both as a means to stay in touch and capture highlights along the way. However, Denmark doesn’t seem to have any great local deals for data packs and none of the international data roaming offers available here cover Denmark in an affordable and functional way.

We did look at HolidayPhone however they withdrew the combo Denmark / Hong Kong SIM from sale due to problems with the supplying carrier, That was a shame as I was far more comfortable going with a company with a local presence. So, after a little bit of searching we found Prepaid Abroad.

Admittedly, the website might put you off given that it is in German by default but you can switch it to English by clicking the UK flag in the top right of the page. However, they do offer a SIM for Denmark that offers a whopping 10GB valid for thirty days for €42.90 (about AUD$64) – not bad particularly for a roaming offer. Anyway, the SIM arrived in the mail on Friday after waiting roughly two weeks for it to arrive. The SIM itself is from 3 Austria (not Australia) and seems as if it can roam to other countries as well but we’re only interested in coverage for Denmark.

During the course of this week I will put the SIM in a portable 4G Wi-Fi modem and reconfigure it so that my wife can use it overseas. Fortunately, I have a second one here so if any of the settings don’t work I can step through the settings locally with her to correct any errors but I am aiming to get it right the first time. Of course, I’ll let you all know how Prepaid Abroad goes with this SIM but hopefully there won’t be any issues.

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