A Smarter Cellular Modem

In previous articles, I have written about cellular modems and their usefulness but beyond providing a connection to the internet they don’t do much else.

When you next upgrade your smartphone then you might want to consider hanging on to your old handset and using it as a cellular modem with a mobile broadband SIM instead of a regular mobile phone SIM. You’ll still be able to connect five devices over Wi-Fi in most instances (sometimes eight with more capable devices) while being able to use the internet and apps on the smartphone itself. You won’t be able to make and receive standard phone calls with a mobile broadband SIM but you could use service such as Skype to fulfil that need instead.

This could well help you get more value from the mobile broadband services from mobile carriers as you are effectively bringing your own device and saving the carrier from subsidising a device to access the service.

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