May 2010 archive

Skype for iPhone – Now Working Over 3G

Over the last few days, there was an update for Skype on the iPhone which bumped it up to version 2.0.0 without much fanfare despite a major new feature being made available. 3G voice calling on the iPhone is now available for Skype for “non-jailbreaked” (if that’s the correct word) users. I’ve given this a …

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Parted Magic – Disk Partitioning Made Easy

Once in a blue moon, you might find yourself in the situation where you need to slice up that huge hard drive (or maybe a smaller ┬ásolid state drive) into multiple partitions. Partitions can make your data easier to manage by keeping logical types of data separate. For example, my computer is setup as follows: …

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Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G Preview

Following on from yesterday’s unboxing, I have done a quick video preview of the Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G. I happened to pick up a 16GB model and I have gone over some of the major features of the iPad in a two part video (you also have the option of viewing in high definition …

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Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G – Unboxing Video Online

About two hours ago I received a visit from the friendly TNT courier who dropped off my iPad and accessories! I’ve done an unboxing video and you can watch below: My preview video will be going up shortly with a short overview of the major features. In the meantime, if you have questions or you …

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In-Flight SMS and Data – Telecom NZ

Today, ZDNet reported that Telecom NZ is going to allow in-flight SMS by the end of this year in addition to data services for smart phones. Interestingly, they have stopped short of offering voice services (but for an introvert like me I am quietly happy with such a decision as I would go stir crazy …

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iPhone Video Calling – Killer Feature or Waste of Space?

It’s been reported that the next iPhone will sport a front-facing camera in order to support video calling (which would be perfect for Skype which I have blogged about previously). The question then is whether or not it will be a worthwhile feature or if it will fall by the wayside. Most of us will …

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Keep Track of Courier Deliveries with Junecloud

Delivery Status (iPhone)

After recently ordering a number of items which will be couriered, I have found myself having to login to various websites to try and keep track of what is going on. Sure, I can get e-mail notifications but in most cases but I’d ┬áhave to sign up for the notifications for each and every package. …

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Net Usage Item – Keep Track of Your Internet Usage

Net Usage Item (Preferences)

Ever found yourself wondering where all of your broadband download quota went after you have been throttled accompanied by finger pointing and frustration? Perhaps you want to make full use of your peak and off-peak quota? Maybe you find it hard to ration your usage during the month? If you use Firefox, there is a …

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AirVideo – Media Streaming for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad

AirVideo (Streaming)

In anticipation of our iPads arriving on Friday (although I am predicting a Thursday release so Apple gets the hop on the media), I have been looking for a media streaming solution to counteract the 16GB capacity of our purchased iPads. If we are at home, having to sync media for an impulse viewing is …

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Slow Wi-Fi Speeds at Home – Check Your Wireless Devices

Since the advent of Wi-Fi many years ago, a good number of us would use some form of it in our homes and workplaces. You would be hard pressed to find a laptop or decent smartphone without Wi-Fi and many ISPs provide the option of receiving wireless router modems (if not already the default option). …

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