Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G Preview

Following on from yesterday’s unboxing, I have done a quick video preview of the Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G. I happened to pick up a 16GB model and I have gone over some of the major features of the iPad in a two part video (you also have the option of viewing in high definition @ 720p).

At a high level, I look at:

  • product activation,
  • SIM installation,
  • Safari,
  • GPS & maps functionality,
  • iPod interface,
  • App Store.

Rather than purchase a micro-SIM, I trimmed down my Optus Mobile Broadband SIM beforehand and purchased a micro-SIM to mini-SIM adapter from MicroSIM Shop. You can pick one up for €6 or five for €15 (inclusive of postage worldwide).

I am going to test drive the iPad for a couple of weeks before I write up an in depth review so if you have anything you want me to check out or you have a burning question, please leave a comment and I will incorporate it!


    • TheAtomicCrusher on May 30, 2010 at 20:37
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    You may, or may not, want to read this yet then… might be useful:

    1. Thanks for the link! I think it is always important to consider all angles especially when a device has a stack of marketing power behind it like the iPad. The hype has been building up for a while so people may have been sucked in without fully evaluating their requirements.

      The good news is in Australian the Trade Practices Act allows consumers fourteen days to return goods for a refund. Specifically, Apple’s policy is outlined @ (and it looks like the iPad is not excluded from the policy).

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