Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G – Unboxing Video Online

About two hours ago I received a visit from the friendly TNT courier who dropped off my iPad and accessories!

I’ve done an unboxing video and you can watch below:

My preview video will be going up shortly with a short overview of the major features. In the meantime, if you have questions or you want to see something just leave a comment and I’ll do my best!


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    • Grant on May 28, 2010 at 17:03
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    What are your initial thoughts Boydo? I’m having dinner tonight with my brother in law who is an Apple Big Kahuna so will come up in conversation.

    1. It’s smaller and thinner than you might expect. Even after being fully aware of the dimensions it doesn’t hit you until you hold it.

      The screen is beautiful (it’s an IPS LCD which is the same as what is used in the Apple 30″ CinemaHD LD monitor that I use at home). The colours are vibrant and makes for great viewing of photos and videos as well as for games.

      I won’t go too far as I am going to fully test drive it over the next few weeks but I think this is a logical next step up from the iPhone. Even things like the calendar are a great step up from the iPhone.

      One minor gripe that I have a missing apps that are on the iPhone such as Weather, the voice recording function and a calculator. Voice recognition is also missing (even though I’m not sure how useful it would be on the iPad but it would be more than capable).

      The iPad won’t be for everyone but those that will naturally find a place for it in their lives and those that will make it fit anyway will have a fun time in my opinion.

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