April 2010 archive

Internet Filter Shelved – Make Your Vote Count

In news that may have gone under the radar, a spokesperson for Communications Minister Stephen Conroy announced that legislation regarding Internet filtering would not be introduced in the final sessions of parliament before the coming election. This follows the Emissions Trading Scheme also being put out to pasture for the time being as well as …

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Optical, Laser and Darkfield Mice – What’s the Diff?

Before you get any ideas, I’m not talking about mice with laser beams on their heads a la Dr Evil. If you have been using computers for a while you might remember those wretched mice with the little ball inside them that would always misbehave just when you had a deadline or wanted any sort …

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Opera Mini for iPhone & iPod Touch – My Review

I’ve had a chance to use the recently released Opera Mini browser for iPhone and iPod Touch for the last couple of weeks and thought that it was enough time to give a proper review of the application. I provided my first impressions in an earlier blog post but will elaborate on my findings. When …

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Windows Home Server V2 – “Vail” Makes its Debut

After a period of expectancy, the next version of Windows Home Server has made its way to being released as a “public preview”. What this means is that the product is still very much in testing and many things may not work properly (or perhaps not at all). Codenamed “Vail”, Microsoft has unleashed this second …

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Twitter Unveils Monetisation Strategy – Promoted Tweets

Something that might have flown under the radar for some people is the recent announcement from Twitter regarding its strategy to start making some money for its investors. So far, Twitter has been largely untapped in terms of its commercial potential over the last few years whilst people and businesses have been using this social …

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TripIt – Your Itinerary in a Flash

TripIt Itinerary

With a short holiday planned for later in the year, I have been meaning to put together some sort of itinerary out of all of the various booking confirmations that the missus and I have accumulated. I like to be organised but sometimes find it hard to strike up the motivation to make sense of …

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Microsoft Office 2010 RTM – First Look

Microsoft Office OneNote 2010

For those who don’t know, Microsoft Office 2010 went RTM (which stands for “Released to Manufacturing” and means that the software has come out of testing and is finalised). So what’s new in this release? Office 2010 sees the new ribbon interface deployed to all of the applications in the suite. If you happened to …

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Feature Phones vs Smartphones – A Lopsided Battle

Over the last decade I’ve owned a number of mobile phones (as I am sure most people will have as well). To give you a quick idea, these are the phones that I have used: Nokia 7110, O2 XDA (rebadged HTC Wallaby), O2 XDA II (rebadged HTC Himalaya), O2 XDA IIs (rebadged HTC Blueangel), O2 …

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Dual Booting Android on iPhone – Exciting Stuff!

Some smart fellow has been quietly working on porting the Google Android OS to the iPhone and has caused a lot of excitement after his announcement today. It is still early days and Android is only running on the original iPhone at present but “planetbeing” has stated that it should be simple to port forward …

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iTunes for Windows – Good, Bad or Ugly?

Apple iTunes APIs

Not too long ago, Steve Jobs made a general comment regarding platforms in defence of the changes to the iPhone SDK agreement, specifically: We’ve been there before, and intermediate layers between the platform and the developer ultimately produces sub-standard apps and hinders the progress of the platform. Somehow, the extrapolation has been made that Steve …

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