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Oct 24 2013

Grab a Copy of the Windows RT 8.0 Recovery Image

A short, sweet tip for original Surface owners out there. If you’ve ended up with a bricked Surface RT tablet after attempting an upgrade to Windows RT 8.1 then you might have wondered what to do to get it working again. Well, Microsoft has released the recovery image for Windows RT 8.0 which you can …

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Oct 21 2013

How to Upgrade to Windows 8 and Windows RT 8.1

With Windows 8.1 upon us I thought I would do a video on how to upgrade your Windows RT device (such as a Microsoft Surface RT) to Windows RT 8.1. It’s not a difficult process but it does take some time given the limited processing power in RT devices. The upgrade process for both Windows …

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Jun 13 2013

Surface RT Firmware Update – Improved Device Waking

One minor gripe that I have had with the Surface RT is that it doesn’t always wake up reliably when you push the power button or Window button. This tends to happen most when the device has been left alone for longer periods of time allowing the device to go into a deeper sleep state …

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May 23 2013

Incoming Gadget – Asus Google Nexus 7

Yes, I know – I already have a tablet in the form of a Microsoft Surface Windows RT tablet but in order to test out some of the integration features of some new Panasonic products coming my way (particularly the television, tough camera and 3D camcorder) I required either an iOS or Android device. I already …

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Apr 19 2013

RSS Feeds Arrive in Bing News

This may have slipped under the radar for some but I reckon this is a fantastic update that will have me using Bing News far more often on my Microsoft Surface. It could also be a handy alternative for those facing the prospect of being orphaned by the shutdown of Google Reader. In the most …

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Apr 17 2013

Microsoft Surface – Type Cover or Bust

The title really says it all but I thought I would share my experience with the Touch Cover and Type Cover for Microsoft Surface. To put it plainly, they are chalk and cheese. You can type far more easily and efficiently with the Type Cover compared to the Touch Cover with a minor increase in …

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Apr 09 2013

Nokia Music Arrives on Windows 8 and Windows RT

Just a quick note for those into Nokia Music on Windows Phone 8 and also use Windows 8/RT. Nokia has seen fit to release a Nokia Music app for these additional platforms to get some further traction in the music market against the likes of Spotify (who are still yet to release an app for …

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Apr 04 2013

Push YouTube Videos to XBMC from Windows 8/RT

YouTube has become a staple website in terms of video streaming with it being very popular across smartphones, tablets and traditional computers alike. It’s handy to be able to share links with others via e-mail or social media but what if you’re in the same room with other people and you fancied pushing a video …

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Apr 03 2013

Disable Flash in Internet Explorer on Windows RT

Since Microsoft has changed the way Adobe Flash operates on Windows RT by going from a whitelist approach to a blacklist approach it may be worthwhile knowing how to disable Flash on you Windows RT tablet. You need to make these changes via the desktop version of Internet Explorer (which will also make the changes …

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Mar 24 2013

Live Video Streaming from Windows RT Tablets

Whilst some people may prefer the one-on-one style of video interaction often associated with Skype and similar apps there are others who like to broadcast live video. You may think you require a dedicated video camera with internet connectivity to stream live video over the internet but it is surprisingly simple. In many instances, you …

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