Live Video Streaming from Windows RT Tablets

Whilst some people may prefer the one-on-one style of video interaction often associated with Skype and similar apps there are others who like to broadcast live video. You may think you require a dedicated video camera with internet connectivity to stream live video over the internet but it is surprisingly simple.

In many instances, you can use a service called Ustream from a regular PC with a webcam to broadcast video for free. One requirement to get this working was the presence of Flash on the system which has ruled out tablets and smartphones unless they had dedicated apps to fill that gap.

However, with Flash now being enabled by default on Windows RT tablets you can now stream live without much fuss at all. There didn’t appear to be any Ustream compatible apps in the Windows Store at the time of writing so this is a handy increase in functionality for those who have been juggling other devices for this very purpose.

My brief experience on my Microsoft Surface was that the video seemed to work okay at low quality but kicking it up to high quality caused frames to be dropped resulting in jerky video. However, it does work once you give Flash permission to use you webcam and microphone so if you’re an amateur broadcaster this could be the ticket for you!

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