Nokia Music Arrives on Windows 8 and Windows RT

Just a quick note for those into Nokia Music on Windows Phone 8 and also use Windows 8/RT.

Nokia has seen fit to release a Nokia Music app for these additional platforms to get some further traction in the music market against the likes of Spotify (who are still yet to release an app for Windows RT and only just released an app for Windows Phone 8).

It’s a very slick app making very good use of the Metro design language.

Nokia Music App on Windows 8

Nokia Music App on Windows 8

There are some other features from the Windows Phone 8 app that make it to Windows 8/RT including the ability to have your lockscreen update with the album art or artist image as your music plays.

You can kick off a free trial of the service to see how you like it and could be a compelling choice particularly if you have a Nokia Windows Phone 8 handset already and you’ve shelled out for Nokia Music+.

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