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Windows on ARM Comes with Office 15 Baked In

For people seriously considering a Windows 8 tablet as their next tablet OS here is something that might sweeten the deal a bit. While the iPad has built in viewing capabilities for Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint slidepacks the ability to edit them as part of the base operating system is absent. The …

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MiniBin – A Cleaner Recycle Bin Solution for Your Windows 7 Taskbar

Here’s a quick tip for this evening. A while back I wrote about a way you could get the Recycle Bin in Windows to appear on the Taskbar but it was quite a  hacky and inelegant solution. Well, there’s a great little application called MiniBin available here that will add the recycle bin to the system …

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Why Won’t Windows Automatically Sleep?

Recently, I reinstalled Windows 7 from scratch after putting a brand new OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 solid state drive in my desktop computer but since then my computer hasn’t been going to sleep automatically after its nightly backup. After a bit of research, I found that I needed to use the powercfg tool to see what …

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Installing Windows 8 Developer Preview in VirtualBox

Windows Install - Step 04 (Logon)

Yesterday, I took you through how to prepare VirtualBox for your installation of the Windows 8 Developer Preview so today will look at the actual installation process. To kick things off, you need to configure the Windows installation image as a bootable disc in the VM. In order to do so, you need to click on “Settings” …

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Setup VirtualBox for Windows 8

Created VM

As promised, I’m going to take you through how to configure a VM in VirtualBox to get the developer preview of Windows 8 up and running. The first thing you need to do after opening Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager is click on the “New” button which kicks of the “New Virtual Machine Wizard”. The first …

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Virtual Machine Software on the Cheap

Given how keen I am to try out the Windows 8 preview that I touched on in yesterday’s blog entry I had to find suitable and compatible virtual machine (or VM for short) as the platform for my testing. I didn’t want to go through the process of creating a new partition on my computer …

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Windows 8 Preview Released

I’ll keep this short and sweet but the developer preview of Windows 8 has been released (and you can download the various versions here if you are interested). It sports the brand new tile-based “Metro” interface that has been inspired from Windows Phone with the aim of being more touch friendly than a traditional Windows …

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Windows XP End of Life in 1000 Days

Just a quick heads up for tonight. We all know that Windows XP is two full versions off the pace set by Windows 7 and with Windows 8 slated to come out next year it does start to make Windows XP look prehistoric in comparison. Still, Windows XP does represent a significant portion of the …

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Windows 8: Potential System Reset Functionality

Windows 8 might be a little while away (perhaps with a release some time next year) but one thing that caught my eye browsing the web today was the potential new feature being the concept of the “system reset”. Granted, this was shown off in a leaked image but it’s interesting to see what might …

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