What to do with Unwanted Steam Gifts

Sometimes it can be hard for people to work out what games you like on Steam if they don’t know you that well or just don’t know how to use it properly. Steam does have a neat wish list feature in it which can be viewed by others but I guess we can’t always rely on others to check it if they are wanting to shout you a game.

So, what can you do with them as we head into Christmas?

Well, so long as you’ve not “unwrapped” your gifted game you can actually trade it on Steam for other games or items (such as weapons and hats in TF2). You may or may not get the full value of the game depending upon what it is so be prepared to haggle if you think you’re being lowballed. I would hesitate to guess how much Ashes Cricket 2013 would be going for after its woeful release and subsequent withdrawal from Steam however everyone has been offered a full refund.

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