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Register for the Steam Hardware Beta

Here’s a quickie. If you don’t know, Valve are looking to kick off a Steam Hardware Beta and you’ve got a chance to participate by registering your interest, answering some questions and unlocking a couple of basic achievements. You can head on over here to find out how to get your name on the list …

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Get Tux the Penguin in Team Fortress 2 on Windows

With Steam now officially available on Linux, Valve is celebrating with a free promotional for Team Fortress 2 in the form of a Tux penguin. If you use Windows then you might feel left out but if you really want a Tux penguin then you could always do the following: install Oracle VM VirtualBox, install …

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An Extreme Team Fortress 2 Experience

A lot of TF2 players out there would be used to the stock playing experience which has been the product of Valve carefully tweaking the traits of each class and weapons to maintain some sort of balance. However, you may want to experience something a little different. One of my favorite TF2 servers is TF2 EXTREME run …

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Steam’s Big Picture Looks Awfully Familiar

Just wanted to share an observation regarding Steam and one of its latest updates. In the top right hand corner of the Steam client on Windows there is something that says “BIG PICTURE” with four arrows surrounding it just adjacent to the three icons representing the different views available. Of course, being curious about it …

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Get Portal Free – Stat!

Here’s a quick tip for tonight. If you haven’t yet gotten into the fun physics game of Portal then you should go here now to get a copy for free through Steam. This offer lasts until tomorrow so don’t be caught napping!

Get Team Fortress 2 for Free!

Just over a year ago, I wrote about one of my favourite games, Team Fortress 2 and gave a general overview of the game itself. Since then, a whole stack of updates have been released for the game and you can be sure to find a game going on somewhere at any time of the …

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Team Fortress 2 – Fun in any Language

Are you a fan of first person shooters but don’t like the international war or zombie apocalypse genres that seems to be dominating the gaming industry at the moment? Perhaps you prefer something a little more light-hearted and casual when it comes to gaming? I don’t think I am a hard core gamer by any …

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