Support Charity and Get Up to Ten EA Games

Deals like this don’t come around too often let alone to the benefit of charity.

If you’re into gaming then you might want to head over to Humble Bundle where there is a bundle of games on offer. If you donate any amount over USD$1, you will get codes to unlock these games on Origin (with some available on Steam):

  • Dead Space,
  • Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box,
  • Crysis 2 Maximum Edition,
  • Mirror’s Edge,
  • Dead Space 3,
  • Medal of Honour.

Plus, if you donate more than the current average donation (currently USD$4.89) you’ll get another four games thrown into the bundle:

  • Command & Conquer 3 – Uprising,
  • Battlefield 3,
  • Populous,
  • The Sims 2 + Starter Pack (Windows + Mac).

Six charities stand to benefit from your donation and you can decide how to divide up your donation amongst them as well as deciding how much Humble Bundle received (as they pay for the bandwidth and support for the promotion).

Granted, these aren’t the latest and greatest games but there is great bang for buck

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