Steam’s Big Picture Looks Awfully Familiar

Just wanted to share an observation regarding Steam and one of its latest updates.

In the top right hand corner of the Steam client on Windows there is something that says “BIG PICTURE” with four arrows surrounding it just adjacent to the three icons representing the different views available.

Steam Client

Steam Client

Of course, being curious about it I clicked it and ended up with this:

Steam - Big Picture Hub

Steam – Big Picture Hub

Steam - Big Picture Library View

Steam – Big Picture Library View

Remind you of anything?

Looks a lot like Windows 8 and Windows RT to me which is a little amusing given Gabe Newell’s tirade against Microsoft and its new platform incorporating the Windows Marketplace. Granted, this view is optimised for use with a game controller according to Valve but I guess it goes to show that tiles can scale up to larger displays when using interactive methods other than touch and keyboard/mouse.

Being a mouse and keyboard gamer I’m not really into this new interface but perhaps this is a preemptive move against the Ouya under development. Steam has a lot more to lose in a battle against Ouya so maybe some innovative experimentation isn’t such a bad idea at this point in time.

Anyway, we’ll see where Valve takes the “Big Picture” but it’s not grabbed me yet.

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