Keep Tabs on Game Sales Prices

Another quick tip for the festive season.

There are sales all over the place and sometimes a good deal now might be beaten by an even better deal to come. If only we kept tabs on prices so we might be able to anticipate changes in price!

Well, if you’re into your PC video games then you might want to check out Steam Game Sales. As the name suggests, this site keeps track of the current and historic price for every game on Steam against the normal list price. The site also keeps track of data for other video game outlets, including:

  • GamersGate
  • Green Man Gaming,
  • GOG (Good Old Games).

For example,  Far Cry 3 was on sale for 75% off a few days ago but regressed back to 50% off. This is just speculation on my part but I reckon there could be one more surprise sale day with 75% off. If you buy a lot of games then every little bit helps and whilst the difference between 50% and 75% off is only $8 a saving of $25 (or 75%) off the full price is not a bad deal.

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