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Keep Tabs on Game Sales Prices

Another quick tip for the festive season. There are sales all over the place and sometimes a good deal now might be beaten by an even better deal to come. If only we kept tabs on prices so we might be able to anticipate changes in price! Well, if you’re into your PC video games …

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Fix Crashes with Half-Life 2 Games

Team Fortress Crashing Under Windows 7

As a bit of a gamer and someone that fancies Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2 it really got me annoyed when I couldn’t play them after a recent update to Steam or one of the games themselves (my hunch is the recent Saxxy Award update for TF2). What I did find was that reducing …

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Michael Atkinson – Mr Anti-Bean

A bit late tonight as I was out seeing “The Blind Side” with the missus. It’s actually not a bad film at all so consider putting it on your shortlist when you next go to the cinema! Since we went to Gold Class, there weren’t enough ads to squeeze out a quick entry putting aside …

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