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EOFY Tip – Magazine Subscriptions

For some professions, it is essential to keep on top of the latest developments in your area of expertise. Magazines can often be a good way of doing so and subscriptions sometimes offer a cost benefit over buying single issues from a shop. Furthermore, you can claim the cost of magazine subscriptions against your tax …

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Beware of End of Financial Year Sales

Just a quick tip for those in Australia as we approach the end of year. No doubt, your inboxes will be bombarded with EOFY (End of Financial Year) sale promotions and various websites will have huge banners plastered on them spruiking offers. These offers may be very tempting particularly if you are justifying purchases as …

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Track Expenses Electronically for Next Tax Time

Last night, I visited my accountant to go through the yearly ritual of the tax return. For some people, this might be a mind-numbing activity with onerous preparations involving that shoebox of receipts, tax invoices and other bits of paper that float around in various places. What made things easier for me this year was …

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