PDFSaM – Another Free PDF Split and Merge Solution

A while back I had recommended Adolix Split and Merge PDF as a solution but if you’re working with PDFs beyond fifty pages (specifically for splitting) then you need to pay for the full version.

Well, I’ve found something that is functional although perhaps a bit slower. It’s called PDFSaM (where SaM stands for Split and Merge). It does rely on Java to work though which could be a security concern but does enable this utility to be used across many platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc).

However, the software does come bundled with some extra software you don’t need so be careful and avoid just clicking through the installation. It’ll prompt you to install Soda PDF which you can opt out of as you don’t require it.

Anyway, give it a shot – I only need this sort of utility every so often so installing Java temporarily and this utility when I need it is not a big deal.

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