Checking Your Adobe Account for Recent Hacking

Adobe attracts regular attention regarding the security of its products most notably its Adobe Acrobat Reader and Flash software. However, Adobe was caught out more recently for losing millions of customers information containing email addresses and passwords along with the password hints.

The major problem that was uncovered after this came to light was the fact that Adobe stores all password hints (if provided) in plain text and used the same hashing method for all passwords without salt. This means that everyone with the same password ended up with the same hash stored on Adobe servers. This meant that for people silly enough to use specify their password hint as “rhymes with assword” or “password is password” immediately gave away the password for everyone else with the same password hash if you lined them all up.

Anyway, as is the mantra when it comes to passwords, you should use a unique one for every website so if you have an Adobe account now is the time to change your password. However, if you want to verify if your account was affect you can check out this page at LastPass and punch in your e-mail address. There are also instructions there on what to do to get yourself secure again.

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