How to Set the Cisco DPQ3925 to Bridge Mode

I am visiting my folks at the moment and there are a few IT things lined up that needed addressing. One of those items was the removal of their Wi-Fi router when the cable modem was replaced due to suspected fault. The new Cisco DPQ3925 modem is also a Wi-Fi router but its performance when network traffic gets heavy is rather disappointing as is its Wi-Fi range. Plus, you can only get it to work on 2.4GHz or 5GHz at any given time – you can’t run both bands simultaneously (at least on the firmware on this cable modem).

Fortunately, you can change it back to being a dumb modem and hook it up to your chosen Wi-Fi router with a little fiddling:

  1. Connect your computer to the modem using an Ethernet cable and turn off the Wi-Fi on the computer,
  2. Using Firefox, login to your cable modem (usually at with the appropriate username and password,
  3. Click on the Wireless tab,
  4. Set Wireless Network to disabled,
  5. Click Save Settings at the bottom,
  6. Click on the Administration tab,
  7. Press Alt + V on the keyboard to bring up the View menu,
  8. Click on Page Style then No Style,
  9. The page may now look weird but continue on 🙂
  10. Next to Working Mode select the option for Bridged Only,
  11. Click on Save Settings at the bottom,
  12. Once your modem has rebooted you will need to turn it off, unplug the Ethernet cable from your computer and plug it into your preferred Wi-Fi router before turning the modem back on,
  13. From this point you should configure your chosen Wi-Fi router to your preferences.

It is a bit of a journey to get the modem to play dumb again (and annoying that the option isn’t there at all for more savvy customers in the user interface) but it can be done if you want to do it.


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    • Gerard on March 1, 2015 at 01:15
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    I have the Cisco DPQ2925-X Cable modem. I noticed it has a USB port and was wondering if I plugged my external hdd into it if it could be setup to act as a cloud so I might access all my files from anywhere on the net. If it can be done could you please talk me through all the steps and point me towards any additional software or drivers I might need. Thanks, Gerard.

    1. Hi Gerard,

      Without actually having this modem I can’t really answer this question for you. However, my expectations would be that the customised firmware on the modem from the ISP would probably not support what you are after anyway.

      I would probably encourage you to use something like OneDrive (with or without Office 365) or Dropbox instead of relying on a router modem with firmware outside your control. Otherwise, a dedicated NAS might be better suited to your needs if you are after a private cloud solution.

    • Dean Baker on October 25, 2016 at 11:06
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    Hi Boyd, thanks for the instructions, worked like a treat. If I want to set the router back to DHCP how would I go about doing this because the admin IP address obviously doesn’t work anymore?

    1. See if going to works – if it doesn’t then you’ll need to reset the modem.

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