Use Your Mobile as a Modem and Save Money

Some of us are regular users of mobile broadband services and normally rely on a mobile broadband modem of some description to get an internet connection whilst we are on the move or away from home. Dialup access once reigned supreme for mobility and availability but mobile broadband has pretty much put it to rest.

What you may not realise is that you can use many mobile phones as a mobile broadband modem. iPhones, Windows Mobiles and Android devices can share their 3G access over USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (bearing in mind that not all options may be available). So if you have a mobile plan that includes a big bucket of data to use every month you could save yourself some money by using your mobile as a modem instead of shelling out for a separate mobile broadband subscription.

One thing that you would need to remember is that using your mobile as a modem can drain the battery pretty quickly so you would be better of having the mobile connected to a charger of some sort (be it over USB or AC). This will help avoid putting unnecessary strain on the battery and keep your connection going until you are finished. The other thing to remember is that you should ensure that wireless connections over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi are protected with a passcode or encryption to prevent others from seeing or using your data.

If you are a casual user of mobile broadband or a heavy duty user then this tip could come in handy.

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