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How to Set the Cisco DPQ3925 to Bridge Mode

I am visiting my folks at the moment and there are a few IT things lined up that needed addressing. One of those items was the removal of their Wi-Fi router when the cable modem was replaced due to suspected fault. The new Cisco DPQ3925 modem is also a Wi-Fi router but its performance when …

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Boydo’s Back at University

Just a quick one for tonight . I am heading back for another semester at uni for my eleventh course out of twelve for my Masters of Science in Information Technology. The course I have selected this semester is “Internetworking” which looks at how routing works specifically on the Internet. I think I will really enjoy this course …

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So Many Clocks – Which One is Right?

A lot of devices these days have a clock built into them like mobile phones, desk phones, microwaves, televisions, digital video recorders, computers as well as in our cars. With all of these clocks, which one is the most accurate and how can you ensure that your time is kept in sync with the rest …

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