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R18+ Video Games – One Step Closer

Yesterday, it was announced that John Rau will be the new Attorney-General after controversial incumbent, Michael Atkinson, stepped down from the position earlier this week. Reports have surfaced that the Gamers4Croydon party president, Chris Prior, had met with the new AG and had received a positive response to an R18+ rating being established for video …

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Australian Video Game Classifications – Out of Touch

In an earlier blog post (An Attack on Online Anonymity), I mentioned that the highest tolerated classification for video game publication in Australia is MA15+. This is as a direct result of South Australian Attorney-General, Michael Atkinson being the sole opposing censorship minister at state and territory level. In a development covered today by News, …

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An Attack on Online Anonymity

Today, I was wondering what I could blog about and the Government of South Australia handed it to me on a platter via the News and Electronic Frontiers Australia websites. In a nutshell, the Government in this state has amended the South Australian Electoral Act 1985 to require that people publishing election-related content (both print …

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