Political Backflip with a Twist

In my previous blog post I reviewed the dismal legislation passed in South Australian parliament. It seems today that Attorney General Michael Atkinson copped some flack when attempting to defend the new law on Adelaide radio station 5AA.

As a result, Atkinson has indicated that he will motion to repeal the law after the election. Perhaps one can’t help that there is a slight assumption on his part that he will be in a position to make such a motion after the election (however certain it may be). Still, it can’t be guaranteed that the law will be reverted even if the incumbent party is reelected.

This further highlights how out of touch this guy is with the times and the constituents.

Unsurprisingly, News and SMH were right on top the story as the strong scent of the fodder that was laid out the day before by Atkinson was too hard to resist.

Ironically, the South Australian Attorney General has been quoted as saying:

I have listened. I will immediately after the election move to repeal the law retrospectively.”

The question still remains whether or not he will choose to hear the calls for ratings equality between films and video games.

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