Boydo’s Back at University

Just a quick one for tonight .

I am heading back for another semester at uni for my eleventh course out of twelve for my Masters of Science in Information Technology. The course I have selected this semester is “Internetworking” which looks at how routing works specifically on the Internet. I think I will really enjoy this course as it is a break from the slab writing courses I have done more recently and returns me to my technical roots.

The prescribed text though is causing me a bit of a challenge to track down, with a choice between:

  • CCNP1: Advanced Routing companion guide, CISCO press, 2ed. ISBN 1-58713-135-8, 
  • CCNP Self Study, CISCO press. ISBN 1-58705-145-X.

Furthermore, I need the CD-ROM included with the book as it contains a copy of the Packet Tracer application that simulates a Cisco router for the various lab assignments.

I do have a CCNP study guide book I bought many years ago but it’s not the book that I am after as this book focuses more on the exam for CCNP certification and does not include the Packet Tracer application that I require. Meanwhile, I am hitting up eBay, Amazon and The Book Depository to see if I can find somewhere that the book with the disc.

Anyway, if I come across anything that might be interesting to share on a basic level from the course I’ll be sure to pop it on the blog

Fun times! 🙂

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