Obtain Great Windows 7 Desktop Backgrounds Everyday

While we probably don’t sit around gazing at our desktop background everyday it’s nice to be able to be surprised by something that looks spectacular.

Bing has become noted for having a new image everyday on its landing page and, while there has been the ability to get two new wallpapers a week via RSS from Bing, the latest release of Bing Desktop now allows you to get a new desktop wallpaper everyday which matches what is on the search engine for a given day.

The only catch is you have to install Bing Desktop and have it active to have the background cycle. By default, it will appear in the centre of your screen which is quite annoying but you can unpin it and position it at the top of your screen where it will hide itself until you put your mouse cursor on that edge.

That said, if you don’t fancy installing Bing Desktop then the RSS option is probably going to be the next best thing. The only drawback I have seen so far is that the desktop wallpapers aren’t optimised for high resolution displays such as 2560 x 1600 and there is some noticeable pixelation when viewed closely. Hopefully this will be addressed later on.

You can get Bing Desktop for Windows 7 via Windows Update.

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