Post and Comment Translation Coming to Facebook

In what might seem a blow to Google, Microsoft and its Bing search engine will get a leg up with Facebook integration in the form of post and comment translation abilities. In a nutshell, if you come across a comment that is in a language other than your selected Facebook language then a “translate” button appears next to the “like” button.

At the moment, this will only work with users that have set their language to one of a selection of Asian languages such as Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese as well as Russian. Users will also have the choice of having translation undertaken by machines alone or involvement from the community as well. Page administrators can also choose whether or not to enable translations on their pages as well as being able to handle abusive and spam translations as well (if community sourced).

However, machine translation can go awry and I wouldn’t be surprised if websites spring up to capture some of the terrible and hilarious translations that will probably occur 🙂

Is the world going to become that little bit smaller again?

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