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Applications in the Cloud vs Thick Clients

In news that I came across yesterday, Google bought out Picnik which is a photo editor in your web browser. I’ve never heard of it before so I gave it a very quick test drive (which you can do for free and without registration) and was pleasantly surprised by its ease of use and the …

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Hard Drive Revival – Part 1

Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive (Bottom)

I thought I would document my experience with reviving a seemingly dead hard drive that I have taken receipt from a friend and small business owner. To set some background, as is often the case, this hard drive contains precious data which has largely not been backed up elsewhere. Furthermore, any attempts to boot up …

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Portable Applications – A Convenient Necessity

Have you found yourself using a computer that doesn’t have the applications you need or is locked down to the point where you can’t install anything? I’ve come across this a few times and more often than not they have an Internet connection that is rather slow making application downloads agonising. For a while now, …

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Video Card Slots – Argh!

At the moment, I have a suspect 500GB hard drive that belongs to someone else. I’ve offered to run a diagnostic utility on it to attempt to read the data from its bad sectors before consigning it to the rubbish bin. Before I can do this though, I need a working computer. For this task, …

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IMAP > POP3 – Moving to the Cloud

Today, I finally got around to installing the RTM version of Windows 7 Enterprise on my desktop computer as I was fast approaching the crippleware period 11 days from now (i.e. Windows would start rebooting every two hours). It was fairly painless, apart from forgetting to disable AHCI on my optical drive to get through …

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Optical Media – Next Stop, Obsolescence

Today was a bit of a slow news day (in my opinion anyway) apart from ongoing analysis over the AFACT vs iiNet case and something over the weekend about the Australian Democrats attempting to become relevant again with a call for copyright legislation on the Internet. So I thought I’d dig up something not in …

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