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Geek Toolkit Recommendation – CPU-Z

CPU-Z (SPD Screen)

Just a quick update for tonight. Sometimes the tech savvy amongst us are called upon to look at all sorts of computers belonging to friends, family, work colleagues and sometimes unwanted acquaintances. Trying to find out more about the computer with which you are dealing can be difficult especially for ancient hardware. Unless you know about the …

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Keep Your Portable Applications Updated with Portable Software Updater

Back in an earlier blog post, Portable Applications – a Convenient Necessity, I wrote about some of the benefits of portable applications and some of the ones that I like to use. If you decided to get into portable apps you may have been faced with the dilemma of having to keep each application up …

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Get a More Robust Notepad with Notepad++

Just a quick one tonight. For a long time, I used the built-in notepad application in Windows to jot notes and other temporary information as it was quick to load and didn’t burden you with formatting overheads. However, one significant drawback is that as the size of a text file increases, the slower Notepad becomes. …

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Portable Applications – A Convenient Necessity

Have you found yourself using a computer that doesn’t have the applications you need or is locked down to the point where you can’t install anything? I’ve come across this a few times and more often than not they have an Internet connection that is rather slow making application downloads agonising. For a while now, …

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