Remove the Windows.Old Folder

Here’s a tip if you’ve upgraded to Windows 8.1.

In some circumstances your upgrade may have backed up your old Windows installation into a Windows.Old folder in the C Drive. This can take up a lot of space particularly on smaller solid state drives where available capacity can be at a premium.

If you want to remove the Windows.Old folder properly then this how:

  1. Go to the Start Screen,
  2. Type in free up disk space,
  3. Select the options that says Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files,
  4. Make sure that C: is selected and click OK,
  5. After the initial scan, click the Clean up system files button,
  6. On the next screen, select the following options:
    1. Previous Windows installation(s),
    2. Windows upgrade logs,
  7. Click OK.

Simply wait for the process to finish and you should have recovered some extra disk space.

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