Apple iPhone 5S Unboxing

Well, it was time for my wife to upgrade her smartphone which saw the iPhone 4S replaced with the iPhone 5S.

The replacement was somewhat of a necessity given a very annoying quirk with the iPhonewhere the volume would turn down by itself (both music and phone calls) which was a constant annoyance. Apparently, the liquid contact indicator in the dock connector had been activated so Apple took the standpoint that it had come into contact with water when we are absolutely confident that it had not although it had been taken to places with high humidity (such as Cairns and Bangkok).

Interestingly, Apple has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit in the United States for US$53 million for warranty practices involving earlier iPhones.

Anyway, here is the unboxing video:

Gripes aside, there are some notable benefits going from the 4S to the 5S:

  • larger screen (up from 3.5″ to 4″),
  • lighter (140gm vs 112gm),
  • aluminium back (no glass to shatter),
  • dual LED flash (single LED on the 4S),
  • faster CPU,
  • more RAM (512MB vs 1GB),
  • larger battery (1430mAh vs 1570mAh).

Maybe not earth shattering in terms of upgrades but enough to justify an upgrade particularly after 24 months.

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