Make Your Own iPad Mini Dock with Flybridge

My wife was trying to find an official dock solution for her iPad mini but surprisingly Apple has not brought out anything that will physically prop it up and provide charge at the same time.

Look no further than Flybridge.

It’s a new Kickstarter campaign to fill the void left by Apple allowing you to convert your existing 30 pin devices to the new Lightning connector whilst also providing a nice bracket to support your iPhone 5 or latest generation iPad or iPod – something lacking in most other docks. It’ll take the stress off the 30 pin connector to save you worrying about anything snapping.

Anyway, we’ve pledged for one black and one white Flybridge but we’ll have to get a couple of 30 pin to Lightning connector adapters as well (I’ll have a look on eBay for some cheap ones). The Flybridge is due to ship in February should it get over the line (which it just has done as I write this article) so I’ll do a quick video to show it off when it arrives.

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