Windows Essentials 2012

If you’re upgrading to Windows 8 then you might be looking for the Windows Live Essentials software suite if you used it on Windows 7 or earlier versions of Windows. You would have been using part or all of the suite if you were using one of the following applications:

  • Windows Live Mail (now called Microsoft Mail),
  • Windows Live Messenger (Microsoft Messenger),
  • Windows Live Movie Maker (Microsoft Movie Maker),
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery (Microsoft Photo Gallery),
  • Windows Live Writer (Microsoft Writer).

The 2012 version of Windows Essentials also includes the Microsoft SkyDrive client as well if you need it.

There are updates for the applications including H.264 video support for Microsoft Movie Maker and support for narration, music and video tracks while Microsoft Photo Gallery picks up a neat auto collage feature.

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