Get Team Fortress 2 for Free!

Just over a year ago, I wrote about one of my favourite games, Team Fortress 2 and gave a general overview of the game itself. Since then, a whole stack of updates have been released for the game and you can be sure to find a game going on somewhere at any time of the day or night.

Well, in an unexpected move, Valve has made Team Fortress 2 free to play, “for freekin’ ever” as they put it.

All you need to do is download and install Steam and then browse for Team Fortress 2 in the store and download it. It’ll take a little while to download it though (especially since a lot of people would be downloading it right now) but I reckon it’s worth the wait. Best of all, there’s nothing to pay to get straight into the game.

One question that would remain though is how would Valve continue to make any money off this game? In a nutshell, you can purchase in-game items through the Mann & Co store if you can’t be bothered going through all of the achievements to unlock the newer weapons (but I reckon that’s half the fun and part of getting better with the various classes). You can also buy other things like hats which can be considered as “personal flair” for each class. There have also been special “limited edition” items such as hats to raise money for Japan after the earthquakes back in March.

There is one minor drawback getting the game for free though in the form of being limited to fifty backpack items. You store all of your earned weapons, hats and other items in your backpack so if you play quite a bit you might find that it fills up quickly. You can also only receive items from other players and can only receive gifts. These restrictions are lifted if you purchase something from the Mann & Co store though (the cheapest item is a couple of dollars).

So if you haven’t already checked out Team Fortress 2, now is the time!

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