Has Your LinkedIn Account Possibly Been Compromised?

Here’s a quick tip.

If you use LinkedIn to keep track of your professional circles you may recall a leak of 6.5 million passwords. These had been stored in the form of unsalted hashes which means that many will be easy to crack if you have used password consisting only of dictionary words and if other people have used the same password.

So how do you check if your account is potentially one of the 6.5 million that has had its password leaked?

Head on over to LeakedIn and type your password into the box. Don’t worry, you aren’t providing any other details like your e-mail address which could be used to identify you. The password will be converted into an SHA-1 hash using JavsScript and then checked against the list of leaked hashes. If it shows up as being one of the leaked hashes you should probably change your password but, if not, then you are safe.

Nonetheless, it’s probably a good idea to change your password anyway just to be safe.

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