Firefox 4 Beta 9 Released

Another quick update for this evening.

If you are running the Firefox 4 Beta on your computer you might like to bump the update checker inside the browser to download the latest Beta 9 offering which has been made available in the last couple of days.

If you want to view the complete list of changes in this release you can check out the release notes here. Some of the highlights of this release are:

  • a range of further performance improvements including:
    • improvements in bookmark and history code,
    • improvements to the JägerMonkey JavaScript engine,
    • component garbage collection,
    • increased use of hardware acceleration.
  • native support for the WebM format currently being spruiked by Google as an open source and royalty-free alternative to H.264.

As always, with any software in beta you should take care in running it on your system as there may be critical bugs or incompatibilities that may cause problems. With that in mind, check out the update and let me know your thoughts!

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