Resolve Distorted Video in Skype

One of the main causes of a poor video experience in Skype is a low quality internet connection but there are other things that can also impact upon a reliable video conversation. I am going to cover one of the more quirky issues I have encountered personally.

Upon initiating a video conversation you may find that the incoming video is mashed into three thick horizontal bars with severely limited ability to make out the other person. Try as you might to fix the issue by hanging up and calling up the other party again but these attemps would be futile.

The cause for this issue seems to be common to computers with an nVidia video card and specifically the global image settings. If the video card is set to emphasise quality then it ends up causing the three horizontal bars to corrupt the video. You need to update this setting to allow the 3D application to make the decision as follows:

  1. Open the nVideo control panel,
  2. Click on Adjust image settings with preview on the left,
  3. Select the option of Let the 3D application decide,
  4. Click Apply down the bottom.

Once done, you will need to restart Skype and that should fix the problem for you.


    • Zekay on November 5, 2013 at 11:30
    • Reply

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Heaps of other methods required me to downgrade my skype version or try to update my driver even though it was already update. THANKS 😀

    1. No worries! Bit of a tricky issue 🙂

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