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Nokia Lumia 1520 Case Reviews

Front View of the Lumia 1520 in the Melkco Case

Not too long ago I bought myself a new Nokia Lumia 1520 to replace my Lumia 920 which was still going strong but I just couldn’t resist the upgrade to a six inch screen offered by the 1520. Yes, I know for some people that is ludicrously huge (mind you, I didn’t go for the …

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Hard Case Cover for Nokia Lumia 920

Despite the Nokia Lumia 920 receiving some feedback about general robustness against being dropped it can’t hurt to give it a little bit of extra protection so you keep it in good condition even if something unfortunate should happen. Anyway, I found a great cover on eBay for AU$1.74 which will do a good job at …

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Don’t Skimp on Protecting Your Smartphone

Smartphones aren’t cheap, particularly  the good ones which tend to be the most popular. While many do go on twelve or twenty four month contracts and pay off the cost of the phone over those periods of time you’re still left with the bill should anything happen to your smartphone in terms of damage. Of …

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iPhone 4 Owners – Don’t Forget Your Free Case

Another quick one for tonight. For those of you who have either bought an iPhone 4 or are thinking about getting one, don’t forget that you have until Thursday, 30th September to claim your free case. After that, you will need to call up Apple and make your case as to why you should qualify …

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